Investors pouring billions into agriculture land, with returns performing better than S&P 500
5/10/2016 9:41:27 AM

The AdvocateIn the past several years, institutional investors and a handful of publicly traded real estate investment trusts have poured millions of dollars into farms in Louisiana and billions into agriculture properties nationwide.

The big investment groups, like pension funds, started buying Louisiana farms a few years after the financial markets melted down, said Kyle McCann, an associate commodities director with the Louisiana Farm Bureau Federation.

"The reason wasn’t that the agricultural land return was a superfantistically high number. It was the fact that ag land didn’t disappear on you,” McCann said. "It’s there.”

LSU Agricultural Center professor Kurt Guidry said when the wave began, equity funds were looking to diversify their portfolios, and farm properties offered a rate of return as good or better than the alternatives.READ THE ADVOCATE STORY

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