Sugarcane flowers
11/9/2018 11:01:39 AM
sugarcane flowering in LouisianaSugarcane is a grass and will produce a flower. In Louisiana, the growing season is so short, the plant does not normally flower but 2018 is unusual. VIEW THE COMPLETE GALLERY

The sugarcane pictured above is grown at the USDA ARS Sugarcane Research Unit in Houma, La. Dr. Mike Grisham said it is not unuaual for the test varieties grown at the USDA farm to produce flowers but it was unusual for them to make flowers in early November.

Dr. Grisham noted there are several commercial farms in the southern Louisiana cane belt where cane is sprouting flowers in the commercial varieites and that is unusual. He specualted that the weather has been very cloudy as of late and is limiting direct sunlight on the plant which encourages the sugarcane to produce flowers.

Louisiana farmers grow a high-quality sugarcane crop in nine months because Louisiana's cane variities have been tailored for Louisiana's climate. VIEW THE LOUISIANA SUGARCANE PHOTO GALLERIES.
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