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Candy Costs Continue Climb Despite Sugar Price Stagnation - 8/19/2014 -

American Sugar AlliananceCandy Costs Continue Climb Despite Sugar Price Stagnation

From the International Sweetener Symposium:

STOWE, Vt. Grocery shoppers in the coming year will be asked to pay more for candy despite the fact that sugar prices have remained relatively flat over the past 30 years, according to an American Sugar Alliance (ASA) report released today at the 31st International Sweetener Symposium.

"A Hershey bar cost about 35 cents in 1983, and the biggest ingredient in that bar, sugar, made up about two cents worth of its cost, read the annual Sugar Price Survey. "By 2013, the cost of that same Hershey bar had risen to $1.39, and sugar still just constituted about 2 cents worth of its cost. READ THE STORY


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