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Cane, cars can coexist - The Daily Iberian - 10/22/2014 -

Cane Families Care"Cane Families Care About Your Family — Please Drive Carefully” is the message on signs being mounted on cane carts, posted in areas where sugar cane is being harvested and hauled onto area roadways, and which is being put up other places where it’s hoped the message will remind local motorists to be extra careful to avoid accidents involving cane being hauled to area mills.

A story in Tuesday’s Daily Iberian told how the American Sugar Cane League is using the "Cane Families Care” signs as part of an effort to encourage local motorists to coexist on area roads with cane harvesting equipment during the sugar cane harvest season.

Coexist is a good way to describe the effort.

Lots of area motorists have their travel disrupted when they get behind cane haulers, or have to stop for a few minutes near a field from which cane is being hauled onto the road, or have to contend with mud and debris on a roadway dropped by the cane harvesting equipment.

Those involved with the cane harvest, however, have work to do and limited time to get it done. Getting the cane out of the fields and transported to area mills by necessity means putting the cane onto area roadways and having to contend with normal vehicular traffic.

So both sides of any issue related to cane harvesting’s use of local roads do need to find ways to coexist — and coexisting safely would seem to be the No. 1 priority.

"The last few years we’ve been making an effort of doing a better job and trying to be as safe as we can,” said Jim Simon, the American Sugar Cane League’s president.

Obviously, area motorists need to do their part as well related to safety during the cane harvest season.

It’s reasonable to believe "Cane Families Care About Your Family” is more than just a slogan.

Those involved with the harvest have to get their work done, but it does appear as if they’re making an effort to keep things safe and to minimize inconveniences for the rest of us.

Let’s make sure the rest of us do our part to watch out for the cane haulers, to pay attention to warning signs, to make the effort to keep things safe for ourselves but also for those involved with the cane harvest.

Cane families should care about our family, but then the rest of us need to show we care about the cane families too, and do our part to make this cane-harvesting season a safe one.




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