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How to stay safe sharing the road with sugarcane trucks - KLFY-TV - 10/5/2015 -

KLFYThe sugarcane season kicked off Monday for many farmers in Acadiana.

Cane trucks and tractors can already be seen on most roadways. American Sugarcane League General Manager, Jim Simon, said drivers should be extra careful during this time of the year.

"Our season is starting up and weve got a lot of vehicles and trucks and tractors on the roads and we just encourage the motoring public to be mindful of what were doing, says Simon.

Simon says this year marks 220 years of sugarcane harvesting in Louisiana and this crop brings in about 2.8 billion dollars for the state.

The season brings in plenty of additional traffic which is why Simon urged caution. "We try to do our best to make sure that we are good neighbors, but the motoring public we just ask them to be cautious and stay back and slow down a little bit and watch for us please.

Harvest Ricky Gonsoulin 2015Simon says if you are traveling in rainy weather, leave home a bit earlier since tractors move slower than other vehicles.

Cane trucks can leave mud and create slippery roadways. He says it is not uncommon for sugarcane to fall off of traveling tractor trailers, a reason distance is important.

Sugarcane Farmer, Mike Melancon, says he makes sure his drivers are alert as well. "We talk to our drivers. A key point in time is in the mornings is kids are waiting for the busses, especially with daylight savings time changing. Its still dark fairly early now so you know we try to be all drilled. We try to slow down, we try to pay attention to the main highways that have kids on the road.

Melancon says you can expect to see cane trucks and tractors on the roadways over the next three months.

Reported by Jazmin Thibodeaux, KLFY-TV
October 5, 2015
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Photo caption: Iberian Parish sugarcane farmer Ricky Gonsoulin enjoyed the perfect harvesting weather for start of the 2015 season. Photo by Sam Irwin

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