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Louisiana Agriculture Magazine, Summer 2014 - Molecular Biology and Sugarcane Breeding in Louisiana - 9/16/2014 -

Sugarcane plants in a controlled environmentSugarcane scientists published their work in the LSU Agcenter's Louisiana Agriculture magazine Summer 2014 issue.

New varieties are the life blood of Louisiana’s sugar industry. Genetically improved varieties have sustained the productivity and profitability of the industry for more than 200 years. To date, sugarcane breeding has relied on intercrossing elite varieties, which are essentially derived from early hybrids of only a few clones within Saccharum officinarum and S. spontaneum. This has resulted in a narrowing down of the genetic base of the sugarcane gene pool, which can have negative repercussions, including low genetic gain for agronomic traits, which can lead to yield stagnation, and vulnerability to diseases and insect pests. Therefore, selection of the right parents with maximum genetic diversity is crucial in the primary crossing stage to realize maximum genetic gain in the next generation of new varieties. READ THE STORY


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