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White Castle biomass plant on schedule to begin turning sugar cane waste into fuel in July - Baton Rouge Business Report - 10/22/2015 -

The biorefinery being installed by NFR BioEnergy at a White Castle sugar mill, which will turn sugar cane waste into biomass pellets that can be burned in coal-fired plants, is on schedule to begin production in July, the company’s co-founder told those gathered at a conference hosted by the LSU AgCenter on Wednesday in conjunction with National Bioenergy Day.

Once operational, the biorefinery will be capable of processing about 200 metric tons of cane waste, or bagasse, annually, said Rick Buhr. For every three tons of bagasse processed, about one ton of pellets are produced.

The bagasse pellets are similar to coal, Buhr said, except they do not contain the harmful gases that coal emits when burned. He envisions scenarios in which coal-fired plants that might otherwise be forced to close because of environmental regulations can remain open using NFR’s bagasse pellets. READ THE FULL STORY BY RYAN BROUSSARD AT BATON ROUGE BUSINESS REPORTBagasse load

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